Nestled in a green pasture only few miles away from Paris, Coquecigrues is a craft business born 1994. Monique Campuzan, its founder, designs textile, small furniture and luminaires inspired from French XVIIIth century cultural legacy, allowing us a different access to the past.




Each range, whether curtains, furniture or luminaires, has been created gradually, with the utmost care, bringing constantly lots of novelties. The will to craft in small series also allows the preservation of this uniqueness for the end customer. Two new collections are being presented each year at the Maison et Objet tradefair. This is an important opportunity to share privileged time with our customers and prospects.


The world

Each piece is drawn and manufactured with the utmost care, borrowing personality of antiques as well as decorative elements from the French tradition. As a true believer in the power objects have to tell stories, Monique Campuzan appropriates the XVIIIth century style for interior design and was the first to dress fabrics with laces, embroideries and monograms.

Nowadays, this style embodies timelessness, aesthetic endowed with our French inheritance and is widespread on private interiors, bed and breakfast and on charming hotels.



We have a warm and friendly atmosphere; good mood and sense of humor at work! The team takes special care for order preparation and products control in order to meet perfectly customers’ expectations.



Coquecigrues is born in the very heart of the French market, source of inspiration and its reason for being. This French taste in interior design has then crossed borders. The curtains Reine & St Paterne flow worldwide on windows. Foreign countries mainly appreciate walking through the Maison & Objet tradefair lanes, as they know, they will meet Coquecigrues there.



Since the beginning, a close relationship links France and India. Long lasting friendships, mutual respect and humanitarian investment are mottos, and Coquecigrues makes its best to improve daily conditions of their Indian manufacturers (hygiene, comfort, education). Respect of everyone’s potential and qualities is a key value.


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